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June 2015

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COVER / A closeup of this halibut reveals the mouth of a predator. © Brian Woobank

Spin In The Salt by Stewart Valladolid

For those who would prefer to target bottomfish without the broomstick rod and come-along reel, a saltwater spinning setup is just the ticket. Here are a few things to help you choose the right spinning reel and rod. 

The Ultimate Fishing Platform by Rudy Tsukada

While not your ordinary angling vessel by any means, sit-on-top kayaks offer a multitude of advantages, from cost-effectiveness to the change to safely access a range of new water. Learn more here. 

A Multi-Species Perspective in Cook Inlet by Gary Lewis

There are myriad positives to most ever saltwater port in Alaska, but few can rival "the Halibut Capital of the World" when it comes to productivity. For this feature, Gary Lewis passes along his advice for anglers headed to Homer and beyond into the Deep Blue. 

Salt by Troy Letherman

Musing on a decade spent sneaking off for saltwater day-trips, Editor Troy Letherman searches for the real power of fishing in the Alaska salt, discovering in the process that it might actually not be the reliably fast and often furious action. 

Alaska's Halibut Heavens by Terry Sheely

Some coastal destinations between Ketchikan and Dutch Harbor are famously productive for Alaska's flatfish, some others outrageously hot and yet more seasonably promising, but the bottom-line remains; Alaska is blessed with more places to catch halibut than not. Follow this guide to Alaska's halibut heavens. 

A Whale-Sized Alaska Adventure by Scott Staats

Follow the author on his favorite-ever vacation -- 10 days aboard a 52-foot boat exploring Glacier Bay and Icy Strait, enjoying the whales, the wildlife, scenery and of course, the famed Southeast fishing.