Alaska Fishing Tips

How-to plan fishing trips in Alaska of all kinds as well as how-to catch more fish, the gear needed to do it, Alaska seafood recipes and much more


Each year at Fish Alaska magazine, we make our way through piles of gear, testing, re-testing and winnowing down the competition until we can tell you with confidence the products that are going to keep you stylish, safe and catching fish. All that research gets compiled into our Fish Alaska gear review, published each March with a lot of excitement (and a little relief). But sometimes it’s hard to wait all the way until March to tell you about the products that are knocking our socks off! And since we have this shiny new website, well, now we don’t need to. So check back here often because once a month – or maybe more, depending on how impatient we get – we’re going to highlight one of the Gear Review frontrunners. It might be something totally new or an old standby, but either way, you’ll know that it’s a product that straight-up delivers... [Read Full Post....]
After a belated start to frosty temperatures on the Kenai Peninsula and a late November deer-hunting expedition to the Midwest, I finally enjoyed my first prosperous ice-fishing adventure of the season... [Read Full Post....]
When you do something once, especially in fishing, luck is readily wheeled-out as the culprit. That one day where you caught the biggest trout or caught the most sockeye or landed silvers when no one else could draw a strike. Do it twice, and now skill enters the picture. Cuda is as fierce on the rod as she is... [Read Full Post....]