Alaska Fishing Humor Stories

Humorous stories about fishing in Alaska.


Adventures of Mac Lightfoot

Mac was coming down from a monster adrenaline rush that he gained while maneuvering within, and ultimately lining the boat over, the Class IV waterfall. He and Eagle Eye, along with companions in two other rafts, had spent the better part of the afternoon rowing the upper stretch of river in an attempt to get below the falls on day one. Downstream of the falls, chances at salmon and rainbow trout would begin in earnest... [Read Full Post....]
Mac and Wally, aka The Fresh Prince of Fly Fishing, entered the rustic room and joined the other globe-trekkers for the Brooks River brown bear orientation... [Read Full Post....]
Sniper earned his nickname honestly. He and Mac were on the stalk of a nice spike-fork blacktail deer and needed to close from 500 to about 200 yards before attempting the shot. Problem was the deer was sitting on the hillside looking down at the pair as they side-sloped their way towards the wary buck. They agreed that Mac would shoot first at this deer, but both hunters knew that if the deer were to start moving away, that either man should fire... [Read Full Post....]