Alaska Fish Conservation 

Conserving Alaska's fish is paramount to us at Fish Alaska and here you can read about Kenai kings, Trout Unlimited, Pebble Mine, the Susitna River, and how to catch and release the right way.



As many of Alaska's king salmon runs remain weak and anglers and guides continue to whine and cry about Chinook fishing in the Great Land "not being what it once was," it's refreshing to hear that some people are choosing to do something about it. Although not likely to turn the king runs on an immediate 180° course, that's not the point. Conservation is as much about a philosophy or a statement as it is anything else... [Read Full Post....]
Today, the USEPA released a report entitled An Assessment of Potential Mining Impacts on Salmon Ecosystems of Bristol Bay, Alaska. In this 34-page report, the USEPA assesses the significance of Bristol Bay's ecological resources and the potential impact various large-scale mining scenarios would have on those resources. [Read Full Post....]
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