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My guide for the day, Tim Pearson, is alternating between rowing and choosing a pattern for the other angler in the boat, Texan Tom Gingerich. They’re thinking fry, maybe sculpin, maybe dry, clearly not aware that there’s a race on to draw the first topwater strike of the day. As anyone who’s fished many of the salmon-stuffed streams of the state will tell you, Alaska rarely affords much opportunity to cast dry flies to rising trout. Here, on Lake Iliamna’s Copper River, dries are de rigueur. It’s not a bug soup like the Henrys Fork or anything, but there are actual hatches you can count on, and the river’s trout are duly conditioned to look up. [Read Full Post....]
Fish Alaska editor Troy Letherman and I are guests at the Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge on the Kvichak River. The Kvichak, world-renown for the size and numbers of wild rainbow trout it produces, flows from massive Lake Iliamna to Bristol Bay, providing a conduit for what is historically the world’s largest run of sockeye salmon. It’s an angler’s river, too, with a uniform gravel bottom that’s easy to wade, very few snags, and an even-tempered flow. It runs gin clear in the upper stretches, making sight-fishing possible, and is full of the strong, energetic Kvichak fish of legend, trout reared on the surplus of nutrition found in ocean-like Iliamna. [Read Full Post....]
Cast-and-blast is the generic term for fishing and hunting in the same trip. This blog will highlight several such opportunities across the state. [Read Full Post....]