Alaska Fly Fishing Tips

Expert tips on fly fishing in Alaska for salmon and rainbow trout as well as tying flies for Alaska, choosing fly gear, how-to catch and release fish safely, float trip know-how, fly fishing technique and more


Fly Fishing

My favorite way to fish for trout is with a mouse pattern. There is really nothing like seeing the huge mouth of a carnivorous rainbow break the water’s surface to engulf a helpless little swimming rodent fly. [Read Full Post....]
Something died today. The air around the launch is heavy with it, a wall of rot signaling apocalypse for the year’s salmon. In the slack-water shallows a few fish mill about, already spawned and clinging to a last few hours—of what I cannot imagine. [Read Full Post....]
The setup below is my go-to for Dean River steelhead; however, there are similarities to some of the fall fisheries in Alaska, most notably the Karluk River on Kodiak or any of the Bering-side rivers of the lower Alaska Peninsula, where this rig would be ideal. [Read Full Post....]