Alaska Fishing Gear Tips

Fish Alaska magazine contributors love gear and here you can learn about rain gear, sonar systems, fly-tying materials, and more.


Here at Fish Alaska, our editors and field-testers spend a lot of time out on the water, so naturally they handle lots of different gear over the course of a year. And over the past ten years, that’s become quite a pile of equipment. [Read Full Post....]
In essence, tinsel is an essential material that can be utilized by fly-tying enthusiasts to create an endless array of aquatic forage our favorite gamefish consume. Although a versatile material, it creates nightmares for wives and girlfriends everywhere—clogged vacuums and dirtied carpets as seen in late-night household infomercials. Like marabou and deer hair, messes come expected. Don't let this prevent you from expanding your imagination and horizons. Once the holiday festivities conclude, take advantage of this great opportunity and invest in Christmas tinsel. It's a long winter. [Read Full Post....]
Some people are amazingly talented and creative. And most people cannot resist getting gifts for new babies. It is just too much fun to make or buy something special for the little cuties. [Read Full Post....]