Alaska Fishing Tactics, Tips, and Techniques

Learn how-to tips that will help you catch more sockeye and king salmon, rig your boat properly, make the right casts, read rivers, and more.


Spring is here! Time to wake your boat from its winter hibernation, or for some, time to shop around for a new boat. Either way now is a great occasion to think about putting together a pure, fish-catching machine... [Read Full Post....]
In the May 2014 issue of Fish Alaska, Mike Lunde explains how to construct a new-school leader system specifically designed for king fishing in Alaska. Here, in a special three-part video series, he takes us step-by-step through that construction. [Read Full Post....]
Just in time for Sports Show Season, Chuck Brady is back, this time with some very helpful advice for finding the perfect fishing guide for your next adventure... [Read Full Post....]