Alaska Fishing Tactics, Tips, and Techniques

Learn how-to tips that will help you catch more sockeye and king salmon, rig your boat properly, make the right casts, read rivers, and more.


Red salmon, aka sockeye, are among the most delicious gamefish in Alaska. The red, firm flesh can be prepared countless ways, and any and all end with a delectable meal. Fresh from the grill, hot or cold-smoked, ground into burger or eaten raw dipped in wasabi and soy sauce, many salmon-lovers dream of the long days of June and July when they can enjoy fresh sockeye. I personally had a ritual in my early days of angling Alaska where I’d make a run to the Russian or Kenai after work, land some sockeye and then race back home to catch a few hours sleep before the next work day. Later that evening, after lathering the salmon in a spice-and-citrus combo and quickly searing the fillets on a hot grill, I’d pack up the fish and eat it on the ride back down to the river. A little manic you might say, but those were good days... [Read Full Post....]
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For some reason, people equate Spey rods to long casts. Sure, you can cast great distances with your two-handed rod, but that is not the main advantage of using one. In fact, much of the time anglers actually end up casting too far, making the Spey’s ability to toss line a disadvantage! [Read Full Post....]