Hyde 16.8' Aluminum High Side

The preferred material for many North Western fishermen the Hyde Professional Series HSA (High Side Aluminum) offers customization, beauty and durability. These models are the choice of many anglers plying the rugged rivers of the west coast. A traditional favorite, aluminum is very strong and withstands a lot of abuse from rocks and river bottoms. With standard features such as recessed rod holders, floor or side anchor system, custom color schemes and a lifetime warranty the Pro Series HSA is the boat of choice for guides throughout the Northwest.. The fisherman that chooses this boat will not be disappointed in its performance because of its unique design and quality.

As with all Hyde Drift Boats the Pro High Side Aluminum is hand-crafted from the best materials and built by fishermen for fishermen to insure that your needs are understood and met. You can be sure that these boats are tested tough and will offer you years of enjoyment.