LFS, Inc.

Alaska Marine & Fishing Supplies

LFS was founded in 1967 as a supplier to commercial fisherman. Since then their company has grown and diversified to include sport fishing supplies, pleasure boating supplies, kayaks and accessories, and outdoor clothing and shoes. They carry many of the same quality marine products as well known retailers, but with generally lower prices and a knowledgeable staff, LFS is better equipped to help with your marine and outdoor needs.

LFS is the leader in commercial fishing supplies. They stock leadlines, corklines, corks, twine, and webbing from the leading manufacturers. LFS can also repair or replace your existing commercial nets. LFS also offers in house splicing for anchor lines, towing lines, mooring lines, and much more.

LFS Marine & Outdoor has the largest selection in the Northwest of recreational shrimp and crab gear including pots and pullers. They stock bait jars, bait bags, prawn bait, leaded line, buoys and floats, and crab and shrimp cooking pots and cookers.


LFS Donalson's 
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Kachemak Gear Shed
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LFS Marine Supplies
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LFS Donalson's
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LFS Marine Supplies
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Naknek Marine Center
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Dutch Harbor
LFS Marine Supplies
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Murray Pacific Supply
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