Knight EZ Dock

MSRP: Consult local retailer

EZ Dock is the most innovative, high-quality, heavy-duty yet lightweight dock system available in Alaska today. EZ Dock is constructed of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) with UV-16 stabilizers added, which has been shown to provide the best combination of high strength, resilience and flexibility at even the coldest temperatures. Because EZ Dock sections hold their shape without being overly-rigid, linear low-density polyethylene recovers from sharp impacts instead of cracking or shattering like other polyethylene docks. And, unlike the common high-density polyethylene (HDPE), LLDPE remains pliable in sub-zero temperatures. Some of the additional EZ Dock features include a unique tapered rubber coupler design that connects dock sections and hardware in a flexible yet unitized manner, making the dock itself and its hardware very secure and stable even in wind and wave action. EZ Dock’s high-flotation dock sections float over 62 pounds-per-square-foot of load support and float at a consistent and comfortable height for getting in and out of boats. Check out the video here.

Promar ProFloat Landing NetPromar-ProFloat-Landing-Net.jpg
This new floating landing net is ideally suited for Alaska's float tuber who targets fish to about 10 pounds. It sports a 13.5" x 18.5" frame and a 7.5" handle with a lanyard.  The floating material is on the handle and frame, making this net extremely buoyant. The basket is quite deep and flat, allowing this net to be a good choice for anglers landing trophy trout. The rubber-coated netting is hook-resistant and fish-friendly. We are excited to test this out on the next stillwater adventure.