LED Lenser SEO 3 HeadlampLED_Lenser_SEO_3.jpg
MSRP: $39

The SEO 3 features Smart Light Technology for switching quickly between high- and low power and a signal mode, while boasting three white LEDs, one red LED and a helpful carabiner clip for carrying on the go.

SPOT TraceSPOT_Trace_rendering_with_tag.jpg
MSRP: $99.99

New from SPOT and intended to provide anti-theft protection for your gear, Trace tracks anything, anytime, anywhere. With 100% satellite technology, this compact, easy-to-install product provides advanced theft-alert tracking for your boat and other valuable assets from your smartphone. Users receive a text or email message alerting them when the Trace is moving and can monitor the Trace real-time using Google maps, tracking assets beyond the reach of cellular service. 

Promar Telescoping Adjustable Salmon and Cod NetsPromar_Telescoping_Net.jpg
MSRP: $79.99

Offering a rugged all-aluminum construction HookResist, a lightweight, rubber-coated, knotless mesh that is easy on both hooks and fish, the Promar LN-501BT is ideal for anglers fishing banks, shorelines and boats with high rails and bows. The frame easily detaches from the handle for stowing and transport.

LED LenserP7QC Handheld FlashlightLED_Lenser_P7QC_ISO.jpg
MSRP: $90

The first four-color handheld flashlight from LED Lenser, the P7QC provides 220 lumens of homogeneous light in four brilliant colors: white, red, blue and green. The P7QC will run for three hours on Power mode and provide up to 50 hours of light on low power, all on just four AAA batteries. 

GuidelineEyewear UpstreamGuideline_Upstream.jpg
MSRP: $19.99

A little splash of color is never a bad thing, and the Upstream’s two-tone good looks give way to a very comfortable, lightweight and modern wrap frame.

Guideline Eyewear DriftGuideline_Drift.jpg
MSRP: $59.99

The Drift features large, square lenses with comfortable, straight temples for all-day comfort and performance onshore and off.

Promar Submersible Diamond Strobe Lights in UV and DiscoPromar_Lights.jpg
MSRP: $9.99

Promar submersible diamond strobes emit a water-activated pulsing light that attracts squid, fish and shrimp. The UV model emits a UV light and the Disco model bleeds through several colors before finishing the sequence with a series of flashing intervals. 

Lansky Master’s EdgeLansky.jpg
MSRP: $59.99

The new Master’s Edge System guides you to sharpen and then polish to a precision edge on almost any knife, including all types of serrated knives as well as awls and fish hooks. Achieve a factory finish on your fillet, slicing, kitchen and hunting knives by choosing one of the preset angles that is best for your knife’s application. Features a rubber non-slip base, easy snap-in rod storage and an integrated hand guard.

Ascender Game Carrier Trail Maintenance KitAscender_silent_stalker__trail_maint_179.jpg
MSRP: $449

This great new kit enables your Ascender Game Carrier to haul the tools you need for everything from trail maintenance to fire-fighting, as it carries a pickaxe, shovel, trimmer, machete, chainsaw, gas and oil and assorted hand tools. The kit includes rear stand and tool saddle and can be customized for specific applications. 

Promar Wooden Bonker Gaffs and Fish Billy
MSRP: $10.99 for the Fish Billy; $22.99/$26.99 for 24-/36-inch Bonker Gaff
These new all-wooden gaff and stainless hook models, available in two sizes, 24- and 36 inches, are classic tools used by many if not most Alaska saltwater anglers. For those fish that need some additional taming on deck, the new 16-inch solid wood Fish Billy gets it done.  Promar_Wooden_Gaff.jpgPromar_Fish_Billy.jpg

Ascender Game Carrier Silent Stalker SPAscender_silent_stalker__trail_maint_165.jpg
MSRP: $575

Built with the same, field-proven design as the original Backcountry, this new Ascender Game Carrier is now available for use where motors are not allowed. Features the easiest rolling carrier and best braking system in the industry and weighs less than 50 pounds.