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Chrome Combos

By Troy Leatherman Three clearwater braids forked from the silty main channel, dissecting an extended gravel plateau left uncovered ever since the higher flows of early summer. Upstream, on the farthest bank, just Read More...

Chrome Combos2018-02-17T15:51:44-09:00

Fly Rods in Magic Waters

By E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.  I’m standing beside an unnamed creek that rises in the foothills of the Alaska Range and runs across a few miles of rolling tundra before emptying into one Read More...

Fly Rods in Magic Waters2018-02-17T15:53:21-09:00

Chasing Kvichak Rainbows

It’s an angler’s river, too, with a uniform gravel bottom that’s easy to wade, very few snags, and an even-tempered flow. It runs gin clear in the upper stretches, making sight-fishing possible, and Read More...

Chasing Kvichak Rainbows2018-09-27T15:11:31-08:00

Royalty Abounds in this Breeding Ground of Kings

Royalty Abounds in this Breeding Ground of King By Marcus Weiner My fishing partner andI have spent the last three hours hooking one chrome sockeye after another, landing one in five and relishing Read More...

Royalty Abounds in this Breeding Ground of Kings2017-09-30T17:37:41-08:00
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