Time-Tested Fishing Rods & Reels

TFO Traveler Spinning Rod TAC TRS 705-3 / Casting Rod TAC TRC 705-3tforods.comThese rods have flown many miles across Alaska as part of our starting lineup of travel rods that we use to Read More...

Time-Tested Fishing Rods & Reels2021-10-27T12:47:07-08:00

Reliable Lures & Tackle

Test of Time: Reliable Lures & Tackle Mepps Agliamepps.comThis lure has helped us land a wide variety of fish in the Great Land. From 25-pound kings on the Nushagak, to 15-pound Tsiu River Read More...

Reliable Lures & Tackle2021-10-27T12:50:08-08:00

Best Wading Gear

Test of Time: Best Wading Gear Patagonia Women’s Spring River Waderspatagonia.comIt was difficult to choose a Test of Time wader for women because we are all shaped a little differently. Apart from being Read More...

Best Wading Gear2021-10-27T12:52:56-08:00

Reliable Watercraft & Accessories

Test of Time: Reliable Watercraft & Accessories   Pristine Ventures PR-49pristineventures.comFloat fish and hunt expert Larry Bartlett is a longtime friend and innovator in the industry. Among his accomplishments, he’s developed a variety Read More...

Reliable Watercraft & Accessories2021-10-27T12:54:57-08:00

Reliable Outdoor Apparel

Test of Time: Reliable Outdoor Apparel XTRATUF 15-inch Legacy Bootxtratuf.comFor nearly 20 years Publisher Marcus Weiner has been wearing these boots. He had this to say: “The XTRATUF Legacy boots are truly Alaska Read More...

Reliable Outdoor Apparel2021-10-27T12:56:24-08:00

Favorite Outdoor Gear & Accessories

Test of Time: Favorite Outdoor Gear & Field Accessories Garmin inReach Minigarmin.comThe Garmin inReach Mini is must-have gear for many active Alaska outdoorsmen. From pilots to backcountry hunters to fishing float-trip crusaders, the Read More...

Favorite Outdoor Gear & Accessories2021-10-27T12:59:13-08:00

Time-Tested Camping & Cooking Gear

Test of Time: Camping & Cooking Gear Yeti Tundra 105 Hard Cooleryeti.comThe cost of a Yeti cooler is a little daunting at first but when you think about the long-term use and durability Read More...

Time-Tested Camping & Cooking Gear2021-10-27T13:00:20-08:00

Reliable Fishing Line

Test of Time: Reliable Fishing Line Daiwa J-Braid x8 Grand Braided Linedaiwa.com/us/This line is fairly new on the market, so we hesitated in giving this a Test of Time award. However, its performance Read More...

Reliable Fishing Line2021-10-27T12:52:03-08:00


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