A look at day trips around Southcentral Alaska

By Marcus Weiner

In Alaska, the glory of summer is only diminished by the fact that once it is upon you, it is nearly gone. Unlike myself, most people out there probably live a more balanced existence, not spending most waking moments contemplating the next fishing trip. For those with other interests, it can be hard to fit it all in. Due to time and budget constraints, many folks don’t have the luxury to take long journeys to their favorite fishing holes, but still have the need to experience the peace and tranquility of a remote experience. Others simply want to harvest fish to eat throughout the year, and have to juggle it with all of summer’s other commitments. Still others like, but don’t love to fish, and require smaller, more palatable morsels of fishing in order to keep the experience interesting. Then there is the standard Alaskan, who hosts lots of friends and family each summer and needs short trips to send them on. For all these reasons, this feature has been created to examine the day-trip in southcentral Alaska. We’ll discuss a variety of day-trips experienced in 2004 and list options to consider for 2005. This content is available for subscribers only.

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