Best Apparel Accessories for Fishing in Alaska

Filson Wool Packer HatFilson-Wool-Packers-Hat.jpg
Looking good is one thing, but this hat from Filson also ensured our tester remained warm and comfortable when afield in 2016. Naturally moisture-wicking and insulating even when wet, the Wool Packer is made from 100% virgin wool and includes features such as ventilating grommets that add to its breathability. 

Hanz USA Waterproof Tap-Knit Touchscreen GloveHanz-Waterproof-Tap-Knit-Glove.jpg
What’s not to love in a waterproof glove that also allows you to operate all your touchscreen devices? Whether fishing, kayaking or spending the day on the boat in the salt, our tester approves and recommends these gloves for all of Alaska’s wet adventures.

Sunday Afternoons Charter HatSunday-Afternoons-Charter-Hat.jpg
We liked how this hat keeps the sun off our head, face, neck and ears, and our glasses and neck dry when it was raining. It’s comfortable, in part to a sweatband built into the hat, as well as from the lightweight nylon material it’s built from. It packs down flat when traveling, resists deforming and includes a chinstrap with cord lock for a custom fit.

BUFF UV Bug SlingerBUFF-UV-BUFF-Bug-Slinger.jpg
This tubular headwear may seem simple, but its outdoor utility is almost endless. This small accessory blocks out 95% of UV rays, wicks sweat away and controls odor. With 12-plus ways to wear it, the UV BUFF is surprisingly useful in a variety of outdoor activities. 

Bailey Hats W05LFK Joe Eder HatBailey-Hats-Joe-Eder-model.jpg
The Joe Eder hat has been around for many years—our tester actually bought his first one in 2001. He still has it, and though it’s worn and sun-faded, it’s still as functional as ever, which is a testament to its durability. This Western-style hat comes in black or serpent colors. It has a leather chin strap for windy conditions, and it also has fold-down ear flaps for cold weather. The LiteFelt, water-repellent wool fabric will keep your cranium dry in a rainstorm, and the 3 ½-inch brim shelters your eyes from the sun as well as keeps water from running down the back of your neck. 

BUFF Cru Chic Knitted NeckwarmerBuff-Knitted-CHIC-CRU.jpg
The soft knit-blend outer fabric is lined with a lofty, warm fleece and the combination is wind-resistant, quick-drying and toasty comfortable. Our tester says she loves the natural color because it goes with everything.

Arcade Belts, The HemingwayArcade-Belts--Hemingway.jpg
Our reviewer loves this belt and noted that it made wearing jeans on a five-hour flight or lengthy road trips bearable. Even better, you don’t have to take it off to get through security at the airport! Built to move, the belt also was an exceptional choice for hunting, as our field report states: “It allows freedom of movement when hiking, bending and laying down frequently, as you do during your average day stalking big game in Alaska, and it also comes off easily for those moments when you gotta go,” she explained. “You don’t even notice that you are wearing it unless you see how good it looks in a mirror.” It makes a very cool wading belt as well.

BUFF Knitted & Polar Slouchy HatBuff-YSSIK--STARWHITE.jpg
Ideal across a range of scenarios, this 100% acrylic knitted hat headlined our style-conscious tester’s list over the past year, offering a functional, fashionable choice for staying warm and comfortable on the river in late fall and all winter long. 

Mustang Survival Conductive GloveMustang-Survival-Conductive-Glove.jpg
This glove kept hands warm, improved grip in wet conditions and still allowed testers to perform functions requiring dexterity. The conductive fingertips work on touchscreens, allowing use of smartphones while wearing gloves. That’s a pretty cool feature.

Sunday Afternoons Snow TripperSunday-Afternoons-Snow-Tripper-Cap.jpg
This hat is very functional and comfortable for sun, wind or rain. It is designed with convertible flaps, to wear up or down when it is cold or windy, and it is packable without fear of misshaping the cap.