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July 2015

A Midsummer's Dream


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Taste-Test Southcentral Alaska 
by Melissa Norris

Check out this feature for a bona fide foodie’s guide to some of the best restaurants in southcentral Alaska and round out your 
angling adventure by treating 
your palate to one delicious 
entrée after another.

COVER / A frenzied southeast coho bite led to a boat load of prime salmon. © Marcus Weiner


Backwater Pike on Light-Tackle 
by JD Richey

There's a huge amount of good and often under-utilized pike fishing opportunity in Alaska, and much of it in easily accessible spots. These fish are loads of fun on light gear, and here Contributing Editor JD Richey goes into detail on how to get it done. 

The Chum Whisperers by Jason Rivers

Fairbanks angler Jason Rivers takes the area's waters to explain the how and where of fishing for salmon in the Interior, busting a few myths along the way. 

Plugging for Slow-Water Salmon 
by Scott Haugen

While slow-moving water can be plunked and 
fished with a float, it can also be plug-fished with great effectiveness from both shore and a boat. The key to knowing what plugs to fish, when and where, comes down to reading the water and knowing where fish are holding or moving. Read more from Scott Haugen and put your plugs to work again 
this summer.

Prepping Whole Salmon and Steaks 
by Dan Bonney

There are times when a fillet just won't do, and if you want to impress visitors with your grilling skills, an inch-and-a-half-thick king steak, weighing in at over a pound, is pretty hard to beat. Learn just how to do it in this feature from Dan Bonney.

Summer Rainbows by Jeremy Anderson

Midsummer rainbow trout fishing offers more options than any other time of year, providing variety in your fishing as well as the kind of angling challenges that can suck you right in. There are 
many different options that you can try, from lakes to small streams and big rivers, and each offers a different experience. Branch out, explore, and catch more trout.

The Great Juneau Fish-In by Terry Sheely

From a comfortable and well-centered base at downtown Juneau hotel, and with most of a week available, Terry Sheely plunges into an head-
turning sampling of the quality of Southeast wilderness fishing action, all of it available on a 
day-tripping budget.