Best Camping Gear

The best camping gear is critical when you’re sleeping outdoors in Alaska. Shivering through the night in an improperly rated sleeping bag is an experience most adventurers would prefer not to repeat. The best camping gear selections by the Fish Alaska team have been field tested and all things considered, these will be sure to keep you warm and comfortable out there with the highest quality sleeping bags.

Best Camping Gear

Best camping gear
SJK Middle Fork 20/30 Sleeping Bag

This huge, rectangular bag is heavy at 6.9 pounds, so this is not a backpacking bag by any stretch. But for camping in established campgrounds in tents, trailers, truck campers and the like, this is a great bag. It’s made of polyester taffeta with Slumberloft polyester insulation (no cotton—a plus). It comes in Realtree EDGE camouflage pattern, is machine washable and 80 inches long. You can zip a pair of these bags together for couple’s use

SJK Ronin -20-degree Sleeping Bag

At 6 pounds, 3 ounces, this bag isn’t light, but it fits people up to 6’4” and is rated to 20 below. It has full-length dual zippers which allow you to open it from either side. The jacket-style hood can be inverted to create a pillow on warm nights. It uses Slumberloft synthetic insulation, and the shell is made of ripstop polyester, so this bag will function well in wet conditions. A unique feature is that this bag allows for “arms out” dexterity, meaning you can read, grab a drink or organize gear without having to unzip the bag. There are lighter options for mountain backpack hunts, but this bag will function well in cold base-camp situations. As far as cold-weather sleeping bags go, this one is very affordable.