Alaska Fishing Humor Stories

Humorous stories about fishing in Alaska.


Adventures of Mac Lightfoot

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Mac has an obsession with things that float. From float tubes to one-man rafts, rubber duckies to self-bailers, catarafts, inflatable kayaks, drift boats: you name it, Mac’s climbed aboard. [Read Full Post....]
Mac is exceptionally hard on gear. And breaking rods is his specialty. Sometimes it stems from packing too many rods into one large case. Graphite is prone to catastrophic failure when nicked, and when half a dozen rods bang against one another in a Bazooka rod case, then the snapping of one or more is a foregone conclusion. It's a Catch-22, as Mac the rod-breaker requires several backups, and therefore he needs a honking big case to tote around the wands. [Read Full Post....]
Having climbed, crawled and waded into a career chasing fish and game across the great state of Alaska, one might flirt with the notion that it’s all about chromers and critters for Mac and those like him, a motley crew of misanthropes, miscreants, misguided liquor enthusiasts and outright con men who would rather bend a rod than break the bank. [Read Full Post....]