Alaska Fishing Humor Stories

Humorous stories about fishing in Alaska.


Adventures of Mac Lightfoot

When you do something once, especially in fishing, luck is readily wheeled-out as the culprit. That one day where you caught the biggest trout or caught the most sockeye or landed silvers when no one else could draw a strike. Do it twice, and now skill enters the picture. Cuda is as fierce on the rod as she is... [Read Full Post....]
This last forced march had Mac and Wally wondering if they had joined the army. Only in this case, they were unarmed. Wally and Mac have spent a lot of time angling together. Their styles are different, Wally's refined, deliberate, precise and sometimes stubborn. Mac's more brutish, unrelenting and pragmatic. They find a way to effectively fish together - Wally throwing tiny dries while Mac dredges with frightening streamer concoctions. Mac up to his eyeballs in flowing water executing angry double hauls while Wally effortlessly speys to far runs. Wally nymphs a Hare's Ear while Mac nymphs a 4-inch chunk of rabbit fur. [Read Full Post....]
Mac and Silver were out cruising the road system one day considering where to wet a line. It was mid October, that time when trout are looking for a last meal and ice will soon form over the tops of the lakes. [Read Full Post....]