Alaska Fishing Destination Tips

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In 2013, Justin Farrell had the chance to travel from Vancouver to Alaska with his 80-year-old grandpa. Along the way he learned a lot about faith, family, and fishing... [Read Full Post....]
Float trips provide the opportunity to explore remote fisheries across the state, which often means solitude, wide expanses of untouched land, and willing biters of multiple species. It sharpens the skills of navigation, camping, wilderness safety and fishing and the end result is one highly-enjoyable experience. Hands down, my best trips across Alaska have been multi-day float trips. Don't get me wrong, I love the lodge life; fly-outs to blue ribbon streams, four-star meals, 12-year old scotch and fine cigars sits just right with me. But when I want the authentic Alaskan experience, sleeping on the ground, fishing from dawn to dusk, setting a new camp each day, the only sounds the buzzing of biting insects and the occasional splashing from fish or bear, I head for parts removed with a raft, dry bags and a few fishing buddies... [Read Full Post....]
For anglers living near or flying into Anchorage, Juneau and the Tongass National Forest of southeast Alaska can be easily overlooked, but we, and the folks at Hatch Magazine, think this "land of snow-capped alpine peaks, towering sitka spruce, harbors dotted with fishing vessels, float planes and tourist ships" is worthy of your attention... [Read Full Post....]