Alaska Fly Fishing Tips

Expert tips on fly fishing in Alaska for salmon and rainbow trout as well as tying flies for Alaska, choosing fly gear, how-to catch and release fish safely, float trip know-how, fly fishing technique and more


Fly Fishing

Cecilia "Pudge" Kleinkauf, fly-fishing guide and owner of Women's Fly Fishing for 28 years, is here to answer, if not all of your fly-fishing questions, at least five good ones... [Read Full Post....]
The planning was fierce, nine days and nine nights floating Alaska's Arolik River, in pursuit of Arctic grayling, leopard rainbows, Dolly Varden, and potentially all five salmon species. Getting there was the easy part, thanks to Papa Bear Adventures, who orchestrated our fly in, fly out, and necessary gear which included raft, cooler, kitchen, and tent...the big stuff! [Read Full Post....]
For Alaska’s rainbow trout anglers, who enjoy the luxury of fishing for a species that’s actually interested in eating, the task is to figure out what the prevalent food source is for the area and time of year and then to imitate that food as closely as possible. Anglers should generally choose a fly that closely mimics the size, shape, movement and color of the prey, in that order. Trout flies... [Read Full Post....]