Freshwater Fishing in Alaska

With countless miles of rivers and over 3 million lakes, Fish Alaska contributors are hard at work to cover the vast array of freshwater fisheries for readers below.

Handling Trout

The Importance of Proper Handling of a Trophy TroutBy Nigel Fox, Alaska Drift Away Fishing Reviving a rainbow while measuring length on the measuring board. If there is one thing we Read More...

Handling Trout2021-05-06T10:08:03-08:00

Holitna River Pike

The Holitna River has an overabundance of northern pike. Targeting them either with gear or on the fly, Alaskan Adventures knows where, how and what to use to constantly put fish over 40” on the end of your line.

Holitna River Pike2021-03-02T09:37:21-09:00

Iliamna Lake Monster

Catching the Iliamna Lake Monster by Bjorn Dihle The Iliamna Lake monster is often described as shark-like in appearance. Illustration by Alex Witt. On a calm September day, a group of Read More...

Iliamna Lake Monster2021-02-05T16:18:22-09:00

Sheefish at Alaskan Adventures

Sheefish at Alaskan Adventures BlogStory and photos provided by Dan Paull Sheefish are one of the most unique species we fish for at the Alaskan Adventures lodge. Only native to five drainages in Read More...

Sheefish at Alaskan Adventures2021-02-03T14:14:43-09:00

Fly Tying: One Fly at a Time

Like many others before him, Smith is drawn to fly tying for the self-sufficiency it gives him. He soon realized that he could tie as many flies as he wanted—being limited only by materials and time.

Fly Tying: One Fly at a Time2021-01-14T09:32:47-09:00

Fly Rod vs Float Rod

Fly Rod vs Float Rod By Nick Ohlrich Taking advantage of an early morning bite during the fall on the Middle Kenai. © Nick Ohlrich When fishing rainbows on the Middle Read More...

Fly Rod vs Float Rod2020-08-18T13:22:34-08:00

Ruth Pond: Just One More Cast

Kade would shout, “Just one more cast!” and then start laughing uncontrollably while trying to quickly cast his lure back into Ruth Pond. Ruth Pond: Just One More Cast Story and Read More...

Ruth Pond: Just One More Cast2020-07-06T11:11:14-08:00

Kasilof River Kings

Just 15 miles south of the world-famous Kenai River lays a hidden gem that may be a smaller river but has king-size stature.

Kasilof River Kings2020-05-06T10:12:12-08:00

Hens Matter: Kings on the Gravel

When that choice is entirely up to you, remember that the gravel needs those eggs way more than your bait cooler does. Yeah, hens matter…but more importantly, BIG hens matter. Just let her go.

Hens Matter: Kings on the Gravel2020-04-30T08:52:18-08:00

Steelhead: Low and Clear on the Situk

Each steelhead is like a miracle, a gift out of time, a prehistoric primal beast. And each one we valued more than the last.

Steelhead: Low and Clear on the Situk2020-04-08T15:14:44-08:00

Kenai National Wildlife Refuge Fishing in Southcentral Alaska

Kenai National Wildlife Refuge & Kenai Riverside Fishing Blog & photos by Dave Maternowski, Alaska Wildland Adventures Fall combo trips: the Kenai Peninsula & Kenai National Wildlife Refuge There’s no shortage of options Read More...

Kenai National Wildlife Refuge Fishing in Southcentral Alaska2020-01-29T12:29:57-09:00

King Salmon on the Nushagak River

King Salmon blog by John Perry, Photos courtesy of Angler's Alibi Capt. Chad Bryson with a beautiful king salmon on the fly from the Nusahgak. © Angler's Alibi Nushagak River Spey Read More...

King Salmon on the Nushagak River2019-12-31T15:17:16-09:00

Advantages of a Roadside Fishery

Kenai River drift boat session. © Nicholas Ohlrich Russian River, Quartz Creek, Deep Creek, Kasilof River, Anchor River, and of course the Kenai River are all world-class fisheries that host thousands Read More...

Advantages of a Roadside Fishery2019-07-18T16:26:36-08:00

Kenai River Fall Trout Fishing

For as many Septembers as I can think back, I’ve gone fall rainbow fishing with Alaska Drift Away Fishing on the Kenai River in search of Walter, their nickname for an elusive, giant, Read More...

Kenai River Fall Trout Fishing2019-05-03T14:19:15-08:00


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