Freshwater Fishing in Alaska

With countless miles of rivers and over 3 million lakes, Fish Alaska contributors are hard at work to cover the vast array of freshwater fisheries for readers below.

Trolling Spinners for Kings

Trolling spinners is definitely not at the top of most anglers’ lists when they think of methods for fishing for Alaska’s king salmon. Largely overlooked, spinners can be used in a trolling application Read More...

Trolling Spinners for Kings2018-09-26T11:43:05-08:00

Quick Strike Rigging Winter Pike

By Mike Lunde   Northern pike are one of the dominant piscivorous predators that roam Alaska's freshwater lakes and river systems.  During the ice fishing season, hardwater anglers utilize a twofold combination of Read More...

Quick Strike Rigging Winter Pike2017-10-08T11:52:06-08:00

Woodstock in the Arctic

Vehicles are parked everywhere that is legal and within trudging distance to the Promised Land, which in this case is the mouth of the Kenai River. Every year it seems the spectacle of Read More...

Woodstock in the Arctic2017-10-08T13:41:31-08:00

Casting for Recovery

Casting for Recovery, a non-profit organization offering support and educational fly-fishing retreats for women with breast cancer, is excited to partner with fishing outfitter and rod manufacturer Tycoon Tackle, Inc., which operates from Read More...

Casting for Recovery2018-09-27T12:21:53-08:00

Early Spring Frustration

Here's a fisherman's frustration. Just as the weather turns warm, and you get the fishing bug, you realize it's still not time to fish, at least on a river. Unless you're a little Read More...

Early Spring Frustration2018-09-27T12:15:03-08:00

Content Contest Winner! Lauren Hoffman’s Red Salmon

A resident of Anchorage, Lauren writes, "Caught this monster red salmon on the Kenai during the beautiful Alaskan summer we had." Thanks for the photo, Lauren! Enjoy the Alaska summer and your gear Read More...

Content Contest Winner! Lauren Hoffman’s Red Salmon2017-10-09T09:19:39-08:00

Butler in a Boat

I am what you would call a low-impact fisherman, low-impact in the same sense that walking is a low-impact exercise and a recliner is a low-impact way to play football. I’m getting old…and Read More...

Butler in a Boat2018-09-27T15:31:45-08:00

Striking Silver

Blog Post by Scott Haugen This blog post comes to us from Fish Alaska contributing editor Scott Haugen, whose many angling books are available at his website. Silver salmon are one of Alaska’s Read More...

Striking Silver2019-08-15T12:39:37-08:00

Northern Pike

Productive Winter Pike Fishing Strategies Story and photos by Tom Gruenwald Northern pike. Geographically, there may be more widespread species, but globally, I can’t think of one more commonly associated with ice fishing—or Read More...

Northern Pike2018-09-14T11:57:13-08:00

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