Alaska Freshwater Tips

Insights from Guides and Industry Professionals about how to catch King, Silver and Red Salmon and Northern Pike, as well as how to Dipnet Salmon and plan Guided Trips



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Over the last few seasons while fishing for silver salmon I have found good success in using a small spinner blade in front of my herring. Now, for some, going through the “trouble” of adding a blade to a herring rig for silvers would seem totally unnecessary. But it is pretty simple to do and as I have been experimenting with this setup, I have found it well worth the little bit of extra effort. [Read Full Post....]
By Spinner Dave, Trolling with spinners is definitely not at the top of most anglers’ lists when they think of methods for fishing for Alaska’s king salmon. Largely overlooked, spinners can be used in a trolling application in saltwater and tidal estuary (bays and tidewater) fisheries with good success. [Read Full Post....]
Ice anglers use vertical jigging techniques and tip-ups presentations to catch Northern Pike. Quick release rigs are implored for a higher survival rate on released fish. [Read Full Post....]