Alaska Freshwater Tips

Insights from Guides and Industry Professionals about how to catch King, Silver and Red Salmon and Northern Pike, as well as how to Dipnet Salmon and plan Guided Trips



Taking a moment on an early July morning from the high bluffs overlooking the river mouth, the 6:00 am start time had the beach alive with activity. A lone dipnetter was in the current, up to his neck, as an outgoing commercial drift boat going by created a wake that seemed destined to submerge this fellow. But he expertly negotiated the big swell and shortly came up with a clearly unhappy salmon struggling for freedom. [Read Full Post....]
Casting for Recovery, a non-profit organization offering support and educational fly-fishing retreats for women with breast cancer, is excited to partner with fishing outfitter and rod manufacturer Tycoon Tackle, Inc., which operates from Charlottesville, VA. Tycoon Tackle has committed to building an unlimited quantity of custom co-branded rods named “The Martha Ann” in honor of Tycoon Tackle president Tim O’Brien’s mother, Martha Ann O’Brien, who lost her battle to breast cancer in 2007. $100 of every sale of “The Martha Ann” rods directly support Casting for Recovery’s renowned programs for women with breast cancer. [Read Full Post....]
Here's a fisherman's frustration. Just as the weather turns warm, and you get the fishing bug, you realize it's still not time to fish, at least on a river. Unless you're a little desperate... [Read Full Post....]