Alaska Ice Fishing Tips

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Ice Fishing

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The sharp crack followed a dull thud spread a smile across my face as my fishing partner looked out the window to see if the offending tree had hurt anything. She asked, “What's so funny about a tree falling on our house?” The wind had been building and was reaching 50-60mph gusts, not a common occurrence in February in the Kenai area. The tree hadn't hurt anything but more important, February is our big ice fishing month... [Read Full Post....]
Arguably, ice fishing in Alaska has a few reasons why it is nowhere near as popular when compared to the open water season. Two of which are cold freezing temperatures and bitter arctic wind. When most of the population hears "ice fishing", they conjure up visions of sitting outside on top of a frozen lake slowly turning into a popsicle. Painfully suspending a dangling bait in the brisk arctic conditions through a small hole in the ice, trying to catch a less-than-average size trout does not have the same appeal as fly-fishing during the fair weather months of an Alaskan summer. While a portion of this may hold some truth -- you may only catch a six-inch fish after all -- modern advancements in portable shanties for winter fishermen have virtually eliminated excuses for being uncomfortably frozen while ice fishing... [Read Full Post....]
After a belated start to frosty temperatures on the Kenai Peninsula and a late November deer-hunting expedition to the Midwest, I finally enjoyed my first prosperous ice-fishing adventure of the season... [Read Full Post....]