Alaska Ice Fishing Tips

Here we bring you valuable advice on exciting Ice Fishing Trips, How-to catch Rainbow Trout, and Choosing the Right Fishing Shelters, Augers, Gear and Tackle


Ice Fishing

Clearly, serious hard-water anglers will need to choose lines dedicated to ice fishing. While many modern superlines will suffice in a pinch and offer some of the characteristics critical to ice anglers, a number of manufacturers offer options designed specifically for success during the winter fishing season. [Read Full Post....]
As we planned for our first ice-fishing derby we had no idea we could have left the tackle box at home and did just the same. We started early in the morning and had strategically mapped out our best guesses and routes for fishing around Big Lake. As one hour rolled into the next it became increasingly apparent that we would need to start lowering our standards for how many fish we planned on “entering.” [Read Full Post....]