Alaska Seafood Tips

Alaska seafood is among the best in the world; here we provide tips on recipes for salmon, halibut, shrimp, and more.



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There's lots of ways to smoke salmon and even more opinions on the brines that impart the best flavor. I was one of the judges at our 2011 recipe contest and tasted just about all 32 contestant's smoked salmon. It's obvious that Alaskans know how to make delicious smoked fish. Here's a basic program that requires a minimal investment and can turn last year's catch into sweet and spicy scrumptious salmon morsels. [Read Full Post....]
I love wild Alaska salmon, especially king salmon, but as leftovers it usually doesn’t do it for me…that is until I tried it in the following ways, which make extras usable instead of finding their way to the trash—a serious tragedy. [Read Full Post....]
Wayne and I had dinner with Marcus and his family recently. He had some halibut thawed from a trip to Seward this past August with Captain Will and Dusty from Glacier Fishing Charters, so we decided to whip up these halibut cakes... [Read Full Post....]