Alaska Saltwater Fishing Tips

Advice for planning an Alaska saltwater trip including information on Southeast Alaska, fishing for halibut and king salmon, tips gained from fishing pros and more



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When I think of southeast Alaska, I think more water than land. From the endless array of interconnected and protected saltwater bodies to the myriad rivers, streams and lakes found scattered throughout, to the steady rain and snow that pours from the skies, the landscape seems more fluid than solid. And I like it that way because in Alaska if there's water there is usually fish. [Read Full Post....]
Randy Wells of Fish Seward Alaska, Inc., is a full time guide/charter operator in both Alaska and Oregon. He recently wrote an article entitled "Targeting Large Halibut:... [Read Full Post....]
When you think about it, finding a king salmon in the ocean can be an overwhelming proposition. Here we are, anglers, situated in a boat, trying to not only find a salmon, but one that will bite. The sea is a big body of water, no doubt, but there are ways to narrow down the search, thereby increasing your odds of success. [Read Full Post....]