Alaska Fishing Tactics, Tips, and Techniques

Learn how-to tips that will help you catch more sockeye and king salmon, rig your boat properly, make the right casts, read rivers, and more.



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First of all, what is CFS? CFS refers to cubic feet per second, and it is used to measure river flow. [Read Full Post....]
When I think of back trolling for salmon on the Kenai or Kasilof River I think of a relaxing day interrupted by organized chaos in the boat. Telling stories, joking around, and having a good old time. Whether you are the kind of person who stares at your rod all day or someone who doesn’t pay attention while trolling how you set up your gear is critical for successful days on the water. [Read Full Post....]
Long after that slab-sided coho went into the fish box, or the trophy trout was released back into the river, your photos remain as evidence of an epic catch or priceless moment. [Read Full Post....]