Alaska Fishing Tactics, Tips, and Techniques

Learn how-to tips that will help you catch more sockeye and king salmon, rig your boat properly, make the right casts, read rivers, and more.


Anglers are curious people by nature: ever eager to find new hotspots, learn new techniques, fish new rods or tinker with tackle. It’s these innovations that drive advances in the sport, which ultimately result in more fish and happier anglers. Listed are a variety of lessons we learned in 2014. Email and share things you gleaned in 2014. [Read Full Post....]
The quality of the guide can make or break a fishing trip. The quality of the clients can do the same. Just as there are certain things expected of a fishing guide to help assure a good fishing experience, there are certain things expected of clients so the fishing experience isn’t ruined for everyone. [Read Full Post....]
We asked our readers to submit their best fishing-related article for a chance to win loads of gear in our Content Contest. Phil Gilcrease sent in this excellent breakdown on how to take fishing photos, taught us all a few things and took home the prize! Now, just in time for the summer season, we present it here... [Read Full Post....]