New Camping and Cooking Gear
for Alaska in 2016

Smokehouse Products Smoke Chief Cold Smoke Generator
Whether you’re cold-smoking salmon, smoking cheese, making sausage, jerky, ribs or anything else, the Smoke Chief will give you maximum smoke flavor while using only a cup or two of BBQ pellets. Try attaching the Smoke Chief to any other smoker, barbecue grill, custom smokehouse or other cabinet to get more smoke, and then start smoking at 0 degrees! 

Stansport 738 Shelter
Just remove from the convenient carry bag and allow the steel frame to spring open—this pop-up shelter from Stansport assembles that easily and quickly. No poles are required and the shelter also features a detachable polyethylene floor, a rear window with mesh screen and a large D-shaped door for easy entry and exit.

Spiceologist Spice Cave Seasonings
Wanting to create a spice seasoning system that was Paleo, Primal and Nutritarian friendly that still tasted incredible and wasn’t loaded with sugar, salt or fillers, the minds at Spiceologist got to work and the results are in. Spice Cave Seasonings rely on four pillars: Land, Sea, Wind and Fire. Land spices are garlicky with hints of mustard and cumin and are perfect for beef, pork, elk and venison. Sea spices are lemony with fresh ground pepper and herbs and goes on all things from the sea. Sprinkle Wind spices on chicken, duck, turkey and goose and enjoy herbs, herbs and more herbs, plus garlic and onion and a hint of orange peel. Fire is sweet from coconut palm sugar, but smoky and offering hints of heat from cayenne and paprika. This blend goes on everything, and it also pairs great with Land, Sea and Wind.

RinseKit Pressurized Portable Shower
A portable pressurized shower, contained in a handy unit that takes up hardly any space, Rinsekit requires no pumping and no batteries. It fills with two gallons of water and delivers a pressurized spray. The Rinsekit provides a solution on boats that don’t have wash down pumps and sprayers.

Klymit Insulated Static V Luxe
The New Insulated Static V Luxe is a landmark in insulated sleeping pad comfort. A massive insulated stable bed that still packs down to a tiny pack size and remarkably light weight. This pad will make you feel like you are sleeping on your bed at home.