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Category: Fairbanks Articles

By Darryl Quidort Of the various fish I’ve caught with a fly rod, grayling are my favorite. It’s not the difficulty of the endeavor, the fishing skill required or the great fighting ability of the grayling that draws me to them. The pleasure they have given me comes from the beautiful places their pursuit has […]

Heavily Palmered Flies & the Skate By G.B. Barnard IV The Arctic grayling (Thymallus Arcticus (Pallus)) is a marvelous fish.  While the majority of Alaska predators key themselves directly around

Arctic Icons By E. Donnall Thomas Jr. Grayling have probably saved more trips than any other fish in Alaska. Let me count the ways… For two straight days, we’d had plenty to worry about other than

  By Matt Hage By the end of June, every road-accessible waterway in Alaska that holds even a rumor of a king salmon is buried under a tangled web of 60-pound test and surly fishermen slinging heavy tackle.  Days spent dodging the constant barrage of sinkers, neon spinners, and treble hooks will wear on even […]

Fishing the Big Three Story and photos by Dennis Musgraves Beginning in late October sunlight starts fading daily, temperatures eventually drop to double-digit negatives and water surfaces become lock

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