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Category: Kenai River Articles

Alaskan Fishing Adventures Story by Marcus Weiner, Photos by Brian Woobank Alaskan Fishing Adventures on the Kenai Peninsula: Good People and Good Angling “That’s as much fun as I’ve ever had with my clothes on,” exclaims Rod Reed at the end of our two-hour salmon landing frenzy on the first morning fishing the Kenai River. […]

For as many Septembers as I can think back, I’ve gone fall rainbow fishing with Alaska Drift Away Fishing on the Kenai River in search of Walter, their nickname for an elusive, giant, 30-plus-inch K

Tips and observations from some of the top guides and anglers on the Kenai River Mike Brown, Fly Shop Owner Mossy’s Fly Shop Email: Number of years on the Kenai: 25 years The Kenai River was quieter when I started fishing it. While it seems like there was more fish, I think really the heavier pressure […]

Story by Troy Letherman When it comes to fishing in Alaska, it’s hard to begin with anything outside the mighty Kenai River. One of the most famous salmon and trout rivers in the world, it is home t

The Mighty King by Melissa Norris I love to eat king salmon. It’s some of the finest fare around when handled properly, spiced nicely and cooked perfectly. That’s why it was sad when, after fishing an entire Alaska salmon season in a variety of areas of the state, I came up short in the king […]

Mythbusting: Kenai River Kings Story and Photos by Greg Brush The popular Discovery Channel series MythBusters is built on a simple but fascinating premise: what is often widely accepted as common kno

Trout & the Egg By Troy Letherman For the Tlingit, salmon eggs are among the first foods fed to infants, beginning at just eight- or nine months of age. It’s not an uncommon practice among t

Once & Again: The Kenai by Troy Letherman If there’s such a thing as insistence from flowing water, then the Kenai River insists we pay attention. One of the most famous salmon and trout fisheries on the planet, the river hardly needs an introduction. Home to the largest sport fishery in Alaska, and responsible for […]

Longtime Fish Alaska contributing editor and columnist, and noted Kenai and Kasilof river guide Greg Brush penned this from-the-heart-and-brain post on the conservation of Kenai River kings. Greg̵

Salmon on the Swing By Troy Letherman Nearly every statement made about fly fishing, and fly fishing for Pacific salmon in particular, comes with a qualifier. If anything is categorically true, it’s that the words never and always belong nowhere near an angling discussion. What works once may not work again. Swinging a chartreuse leech […]

10 Hot Adventures for Fall By Troy Letherman With the sore-armed, sleep-deprived height of summer slipping into sinking-line and salmon-fly memory, it’s not unreasonable to assume a generally pouty

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