Duckworth 18 Advantage Tiller

The name “Duckworth” speaks wave-making volumes. It’s no wonder people jump to conclusions when they see one running. Duckworth’s style, performance and construction are legendary and fully evident in the new 18’ Advantage Outboard Tiller. Perfect for all angling techniques: side drifting, on anchor, backtrolling, trolling or drifting. Easy to launch, load, store and own, it’s exactly what recreational anglers from coast to coast have been asking for in an open boat. Tailor the Duckworth Advantage with an options list that makes custom touches easy.

When the Advantage Outboard series was launched, Duckworth knew it hit the bull’s-eye. The response was resounding. And now three years later, the Advantage continues to captivate the attention of anglers everywhere. The result is a Duckworth of uncommon value and affordability that’s incredibly versatile. There’s no need to miss a moment of the action when Duckworth has made it so accessible.


Length (overall)                   
Height of Sides
29″ x .100″ (5052)
Bottom Width
66″ x .160″ (5052)
Approx. Dry Weight
1132 lbs
21° bow, 14° fwd, 10º transom
Fuel Capacity
27 USG diurnal fuel system