New Field Accessories for Fishing in Alaska in 2017

Spyderco SpydiechefSpyderco-Spydie-Chef.jpg
This new member to the Salt Series of ultra-corrosion-resistant knives takes the ergonomics of a chef’s knife and translates them into an every day folding carry. It features a 3.32-inch curved, full-flat-ground blade crafted from the same nitrogen-based steel that NASA uses for ball bearings. It’s easily cleaned, open-backed handle consists of two solid titanium scales, one of which houses a Reeve Integral Lock mechanism.

Spyderco JunctionSpyderco-Junction.jpg
This all-purpose fixed blade knife is well suited to hunters, anglers, outdoorsmen and backpackers. The blade is made from PSF27, a high-performance tool steel known for superior edge retention.The Junction features a wide, ergonomic handle and integral guard capped by slim, smooth G-10 scales. The 4.15-inch, broad-profile, full-flat-grind, curved belly blade ensures optimal cutting performance. The overall length of the knife is 8.45 inches.

EGO Kryptek S1 Genesis Medium Clear Rubber Landing Net
The EGO Kryptek S1 Genesis Medium Clear Rubber landing net, featuring Kryptek camo technology, offers key features such as its ability to float, interchangeable heads and handles and the clear rubber mesh, which prevents hook-snags. In addition, the clear rubber mesh is very soft on fish scales and is the ultimate solution for catch-and-release fishing—preserving the fish and allowing it to be released unharmed.


Pro-Cure Bad Azz Hand and Lure SoapPro-Cure-Bad-azz-hand-soap.jpg
Pro-Cure Bad Azz Hand and Lure Soap totally eliminates all human and foreign scents including tobacco, sunblock, grease, oil, gas and fish scents. It removes fish oils, dried blood, etc., making it great for cleaning tackle and lures. It comes in a 4-ounce non-aerosol pump.

Hi-Point Firearms New Camo PatternsHi-Point-Firearms-New-Camo-Patterns2.jpg
Hi-Point Firearms now offers their pistols and carbines in three different camo patterns: Desert Digital, Pink Camo, and Woodland Camo. These patterns as well as the standard black firearms are available in four popular pistol calibers: .380ACP, 9MM, .45ACP, and .40 S&W.  Known as light-recoil carbines and pistols, they are perfect for the beginner or seasoned shooter, which makes them ideal for a day at the range. As an added feature the .40S&W & .45ACP magazines are interchangeable between the pistol and the carbine. Hi-Point Firearms are 100% American made, and all products and parts come with a lifetime warranty.


Promar ProFloat Landing Net
This new floating landing net is ideally suited for Alaska’s float tuber who targets fish to about 10 pounds. It sports a 13.5” x 18.5” frame and a 7.5” handle with a lanyard. The floating material is on the handle and frame, making this net extremely buoyant. The basket is quite deep and flat, allowing this net to be a good choice for anglers landing trophy trout. The rubber-coated netting is hook-resistant and fish-friendly. We are excited to test this out on the next stillwater adventure.

Coast Polysteel 600R Rechargeable LED FlashlightCoast-Polysteel-Flashlight.jpg
Coast took their Polysteel line and gave it a rechargeable upgrade. The Polysteel 600R features their patented rechargeable system, and it’s Dual Power allows the light to run on lithium or alkaline batteries. The lithium battery pack also features a USB out port that enables the recharging of devices that use standard USB cords. The flashlight is waterproof, drop-proof, and crush-proof while possessing their Pure Beam Optics System with twist focus to make the light ultra durable. It is available in black, red, blue, green, and orange.

Yaktrax SummitYakTrak-Summit.jpg
The Yaktrax Summit is a heavy-duty traction device essential for any winter hike or backcountry excursion. Its triangular ⅜-inch carbon steel spikes bite into packed snow and ice, providing superior grip on sloped surfaces. Featuring the patented Boa Closure System, the Summit offers superior customized fit that is both comfortable and secure. They are available in four sizes.

Gerber Center-DriveGerber-Center-Drive.jpg
This multi-tool combines many that an outdoorsman will need in the field. It includes: needlenose pliers, magnetic ¼-inch bit driver, serrated blade, awl, wire strippers, ruler, flathead bit, regular pliers, fine-edge blade, cats paw pry bar, carbide wire cutters, file, Phillips bit, and a bottle opener. We are excited to test one in 2017.

Garmin inReach Explorer+Garmin-InReachExplorer+.jpg
The inReach Explorer+ is a satellite communicator and GPS navigator that uses 100% global Iridium coverage for 2-way messaging, tracking and interactive SOS from anywhere in the world. The unit allows you to track and share your location with others and includes preloaded topographic maps with onscreen GPS routing, plus a digital compass, barometric altimeter and accelerometer. The device will allow you to explore anywhere and communicate everywhere.

Diamond D Leather Inside the Waistband (IWB)
Concealed Carry HolsterDiamondDLeather-IWB-holster.jpg
When it comes to concealed carry gun holsters, what better way to conceal your gun holster than to keep it out of sight inside your waist band (IWB).  All Diamond D Leather concealed carry IWB gun holsters are hand-molded for your specific semi-auto pistol from a single layer of thick cow hide to ensure not only a slim profile but a strong holster. Additionally, the top of their IWB gun holsters are reinforced to ensure that the top of the holster will not fold when your gun is in or out of the holster. The hard action snaps fit easily up to a 1¾” belt and with the front of the snaps being moveable, you can have up to a 25-degree cant for quick and easy retrieval.

Frontiersman Bear Spray with Practice SprayFrontiersman-Bear-Spray-with-Practice-Spray.jpg
This new package enhances familiarity and confidence for bear spray users, providing a chance to practice before needing to deploy their bear spray in a high-stress situation. It comes with a 7.9 oz. practice spray, which features the exact same deployment style and firing mechanism as its bear spray counterpart (available in 7.9 oz. or 9.2 oz. canister) to help you gain muscle memory and confidence which better prepares you to protect yourself and your family during a high-stress encounter. Bear Spray is the maximum strength formula allowed by the EPA, has a 35-foot range (practice spray has a 30-foot range), and a glow-in-the-dark safety which helps you locate the bear spray immediately.

Quik Clot Combat GauzeFrontier-Safety-&-Supply.jpg
Fast-acting Combat Gauze is the ultimate wound-care dressing and as such, it’s a must-have for all Alaska backcountry adventurers. This advanced hemostatic dressing combines surgical gauze with a proprietary formula to stop blood flow. Easily fitted to any size or shape wound, the gauze does not generate heat and is also packaged in an easy-rip military-grade foil package. Recommended by the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care as the first-line hemostatic product.