Coleman Esky 55 Cooler
A quality cooler is an essential bring-along for the hardcore Alaskan angler, and these are built tough to handle all the abuses we could deliver, making trip after trip in 2015. Constructed with significant insulation to keep items cold for days longer than a normal cooler, the Esky was just right for float trips and drop-camp, and the integrated cutting board, fish ruler and storage basket was a nice additional touch.

FoodSaver GameSaver Outdoorsman Premium Kit
The FoodSaver GameSaver Silver was designed with outdoorsmen in mind to allow them to preserve freshly caught fish or game. It’s ruggedly built to continually seal up to 25 bags. The kit includes 25 quart-sized bags, 18 gallon-sized bags, one 8-inch- and one 11-inch-wide (both 10 feet long) roll of bags, a 2 1/4-quart marinater, a carrying case and a 15-foot 12-volt power cord for remote use. Three tips to consider: 1) Pre-freeze fish or game for an hour or two before vacuum-sealing. It will reduce the amount of liquid in the bag and stiffen the fish or game, both of which will promote a better vacuum-seal. 2) Put a paper towel in the bag to absorb moisture. 3) Wrap the fresh fish in plastic wrap before sealing. We found this process to really increase the lifespan of our frozen Chinook and having learned it at Togiak Lodge, we continue to do it ourselves at home. For 2016, FoodSaver is releasing new GameSaver models.

Arctic Ice Tundra Series
With a unique freezing point of 5°, these renewable freezer packs in size XL are a fantastic aid in getting your fillets frozen faster in the field. Throw several of them in a high-quality cooler, leave it shut tight and your vacuum sealed sockeye fillets are preserved that much quicker for the best quality from freezer to plate.