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Fly-Fishing Gear

Rod Grips

Fenwick Aetos RodsFenwick-Aetos-Fly-Rod_D_2015_alt1.jpg
The Fenwick Aetos family of rods includes spinning, casting, fly and ice spinning rods. Casting and spinning rods in the line are numerous and they feature Fenwick’s X-Veil high-modulus blank, a custom ergonomic reel seat, titanium guides with zirconium inserts, EVA and TAC split-grip handles and a limited lifetime warranty. Rods are light, high-performance, easy to cast and sensitive. Many models exist in the Aetos fly rod family and they feature a fast-action blank, large-diameter gunsmoke stripper guides and double-foot gunsmoke snake guides, an aluminum anodized reel seat, AAA-grade cork handle and all include a bag and rod tube. These fast-recovering, high-performance rods are available for freshwater, saltwater, switch and Spey anglers. Aetos ice rods feature high-modulus, solid graphite blanks, hidden handle design reel seats with carbon fiber hoods, TAC and cork handle construction and stainless steel guides. These rods are available in a variety of actions and powers, with fast tips for setting the hook and feeling the bite.

Hardy Ultralite CADD ReelHardyUltraliteCadd.jpg
This reel is very light, offers fast line pick-up and high-end performance in a large arbor fly reel. It’s constructed from 6061 aluminum bar stock, and features a 360-degree color-coded disc drag system, two-tone anodizing, and captive spool release. Models are available from 3/4/5 all the way to 10/11/12.

Wheatley Slimline Fly BoxWheatley.jpg
The Wheatley Slimline is half the height of the standard Wheatley fly box and holds the same amount of flies. The style has not been available since 1950. It’s well-suited for many types of trout, salmon and steelhead patterns and would make an excellent stillwater trout box. It’s available in Easy Grip, Easy Slot, Flat Foam, Tube Fly and Build Your Own configurations, in silver, black or forest green.

OPST Shank Chuck ToolOPSTShannkChuckTool_FeatImg.jpg
This tool is the long-awaited solution for tiers of Intruders and other shank-based flies. Until now, there was no good option for holding a shank securely in place. The OPST Shank Chuck Tool’s precision jaws accept and grip even the smallest shanks with a few turns of the screwable chuck housing. The tool is compatible with shanks up to about 1.2mm in diameter. Once secured, the shanks do not move, even with intense pulling on the shank. Extraction is a snap. By unscrewing the housing and flipping the inner chuck around, the tool converts to a tube adaptor that accepts tubes and mandrels from .125-inch (3.175mm) down to about 0.078-inch (2mm) in diameter. 

Ross Cimarron II ReelsRoss-Reels-Cimarron-II.jpg
Setting the standard for affordable large-arbor fly reels, the Cimarron II incorporates a superior drag mechanism that is smooth, heat-resistant and provides incredible stopping power, having been upgraded with new composite materials and stainless steel components that result in over twice the drag strength of its predecessor, the CLA. The series is fully machined out of a proprietary aluminum alloy, fully anodized for protection and built to take the type of abuse Alaska’s fisheries are known to dish out.

Scott Meridian Fly RodsScott_Meridian.jpg
The all-new Meridian saltwater rods were built with Scott’s award-winning ReAct technology to create a series of rods that are remarkably light, while still generating exceptional line speed and power. Though designed for the salt, these rods would be at home in many of Alaska’s big-water river settings, powering large flies to chrome kings or hefty fall rainbows.

Alaska River Wrights Rod Grips
MSRP: $75 to $135
Alaska River Wrights make exceptional fly-rod grips for the discerning angler. The rod grips are made from 50- to 100 individually cut and sanded Alaska birch bark rings, assembled with marine-grade epoxy and finished with hand-rubbed tung oil. Hardwoods such as cocobolo, morado and other exotics have been used to accent the grips and make them totally unique. The grips come un-reemed so the angler can size them to their specific rod. Fully custom rod orders are available as well for someone that wants a completely unique rod but lacks the time to build one on their own. Rod pricing varies due to the vast variety of component choices.

OPST Commando HeadOPST.jpg
MSRP: $54.95
Ed Ward and Jerry French have been working for years to perfect a Skagit head optimized for switch rods, with the versatility to excel on single-hand and two-hand rods as well. The result is OPST’s brand new line of Commando Heads. From 150- to 475 grains, in lengths from 12- to 18 feet, these heads are both shorter and lighter than any other Skagit heads currently available. You may be surprised at their lightness and short length, but these are not accidents; the ultra-short design provides an effortless casting feel and enhances casting performance in circumstances of restricted casting room, troublesome winds and in casting bulky flies. By focusing on a sustained anchor cast and a water load, you will surprise yourself even more by how much fun you are having casting them. These Skagit lines have been specifically tailored to match up with RIO’s MOW tips but will work with any tip system of a similar length and/or weight. For 3- to 8-weights, swinging and nymphing, from dry flies to bead rigs to Intruders, these lines bring a high level of single- and two-hand versatility.

Nor-Vise Tube Fly SystemTube_Fly_System_Photo_1.jpg
MSRP: $95 plus shipping
The new Tube Fly System from Nor-Vise has everything you need for those special patterns tied on tubes, which are then strung onto a leader with a small, short-shanked hook. These flies are especially useful for large and aggressive gamefish, and they cast quite well. The Nor-Vise Tube Fly System includes four mandrels and five collets accommodating a wide range of tube materials, sizes and types, including normal size plastic and metal tubing, as well as tapered needles, lined tubes and bottle tubes. The tubes can be rotated, spun and locked on the perfect rotational centerline with the Nor-Vise and will not slip, turn or move.

TFO_Mangrove.jpgTemple Fork Outfitters Mangrove Fly Rod series
MSRP: $249.95
This new rod series has been designed to handle a wide range of lines and conditions. From casting ’Wogs on a floating line in a stiff breeze to schooled silvers or swinging big, nasty leeches for bruiser Chinook, there’s a rod in this new series to handle it. The proprietary TiCr blank coating helps protect the rod from inevitable collisions with weights and flies and the Tactical Guide insert stripper guides are braid safe—an advantage when that big king puts you into your backing in seconds.  The Mangrove series is available in 9-foot, 4-piece configurations and in weights from 6- through 10- and 12.

Carlin Bamboo Fly Rodsdavid2.jpg
MSRP: $1,395 to $1,995
Chris Carlin hand-makes each rod and blank from start to finish in his shop in Anchorage. The finely-crafted finished product is a work of art as well as a fish-catching tool made with the highest-quality bamboo and components. Chris makes a wide range of bamboo rods and builds to the needs and aesthetics of each individual fisherman. Options include Hexagonal, Quadrate and Rectangular Quadrate geometries in many lengths, line weights and tapers. He also offers the option of hollow building, which produces a rod that is lighter, more responsive and that recovers more quickly.

Winston_rod.jpgWinston Boron III-SX Fly Rod series
MSRP: $795 to $895
This new series of rods in weights from 4- to 12, are sure to be a hit for anglers across Alaska. SX stands for super fast-action, making this rod a good choice when you need to throw big flies into stiff breezes. The rod is also highly suited to handling sink-tip line when the choice is to swing streamers to trout and salmon. All rods come in a 4-piece, 9-foot configuration with the 5- through 7-weights also available in a 9-foot, 6-inch model.

Wright & McGill Sábalos Saltwater Fly Reelssabolos.jpg
MSRP: $199.99 to $219.99
Setting new standards for quality and performance, the new Sábalos fly reels from Wright & McGill delivered on the water over the past season, handling everything Alaska’s largest freshwater gamefish could throw out, while proving to have great durability. Even better, these ultra-lightweight large-arbor reels come in at an outstanding price-point. Features include a 6061 bar stock aluminum frame, a hard-anodized two-tone finish impervious to saltwater corrosion and a powerful dual-core disc drag system that includes both cork and Teflon.

Jackson_Cardinal_Reel.jpgJackson Cardinal Silvertip Traveler Fly Rod / Yellowstone Grizzly Fly Reel Combo
MSRP: $269.95
For 35 years, Jackson Cardinal Flies has supplied fly-fishing enthusiasts with high-quality, affordable flies and accessories. This rod and reel combo continues that tradition, providing exceptional performance at an incredible price. The Yellowstone Grizzly Reel, with an MSRP of $109.95, offers features found in far more expensive reels. Grizzly reels are milled from aircraft-grade aluminum bar stock. The drag system is supported by an enclosed composite disc that creates smooth drag tension.  The Grizzly Reel is lightweight, durable and has a large-arbor spool with a slightly increased width to accommodate a Jackson_Cardinal_Silvertip-Traveler.jpgfull load of backing without pinching the fly line. The multi-step anodizing process gives the reel a beautiful and extremely durable finish in four colors.  The Silvertip Traveler Series Fly rod, with an MSRP of $179.95, combines quality and performance at a reasonable price and with a lifetime guarantee included. The Silvertip Traveler 8- and 10-weight rods are designed to cast easily and provide backbone to handle the large fish found in Alaska.

Seaguar_GrandMax.jpgSeaguar Grand Max FX Tippets
MSRP: $18.90
Developed with Seaguar’s Double Structure Technology, this tippet is abrasion resistant, provides excellent knot strength and is both sensitive and soft. Double Structure Technology combines two different fluorocarbon formulations that are extruded as one solid piece, providing a fluorocarbon leader that offers both tremendous strength and extreme sensitivity. Grand Max FX is also UV- and chemical resistant, non-absorbent and impervious to cold conditions. Available in 7X- to 03X (2.6- to 25.3-pound-test) spools.

St. Croix Legend X Saltwater Fly Rods St_Croix_Legend_Fly_Rods.jpg
MSRP: $480 to $490
Combining four carbon materials together, St. Croix is producing a robust line of rods that should come in handy when targeting Alaska’s biggest fish. The four-piece models come in 7- to 10-weight options and all are nine-feet long. These moderatefast-action rods will be well-suited for throwing big chunks of fur and feather to salmon and pike, as well as for battling wind and weather when casting in the saltwater to salmon and bottomfish.

WrightMcGill_Generation_II_S_Curve.jpgWright & McGill Generation II S-Curve Fly Rod series
MSRP: $99.99 to $139.99
This series includes 15 different four-piece models from 2- to 8-weight in a range of lengths, tapers and flexes. The rods incorporate a high-density rubber handle which should improve grip in cold and wet conditions.

Norvise Bobbin Norvise_Bobbin.jpg
MSRP: $45
The Norvise Bobbin is designed to automatically rewind itself, aiding in thread management and making it easier and faster to tie your favorite flies. The bobbin retracts to the correct tying position while remaining suspended from the hook where released.

MSRP: $194.99 to $209.99
This family of large-arbor fly reels includes four models ranging in size from 3/4- to 7/8-weight. The waterproof drag system combines multi-disc cork and stainless steel drag washers, promising low-maintenance and good performance. The reel is made from bar stock aluminum, and is designed with two ball bearings and one roller bearing that operate on a stainless steel shaft, providing fluid line pickup and payout.

Mud Hole Custom Tackle MHXFK-16 Mud_Hole_Custom_Tackle_MHXFK-16.jpg
MSRP: $179.95
This kit features a 9-foot, 9-weight, fast-action blank that weighs a mere 1.6 ounces. Also included is a cork handle kit and a complete set of guides. Mud Hole Custom Tackle provides a free how-to rod-building DVD, making it possible for new rod builders to get into the craft.

Scotty_Fly_Rod_Holder_Mount.jpgScotty Fly Rod Holder and Float Tube Mount Combination
MSRP: $50.99
The rod holder is adjustable and compact, and the float tube mount includes adjustable wrap-around straps with quick-release clips and can be used on a float tube or pontoon boat.


North Fork Composites Steelhead/Salmon Fly Rod Blanks
MSRP: $161 to $287
These blanks are designed to have a moderate action and the backbone to bury the hook in a salmon or steelhead. They are all made with IM graphite and are available in 9 1/2-foot, 7- and 8-weight choices in both 2- and 4-piece options.

SpeyCo 3.75-inch River Series Switch ReelSpeyCo.jpg
MSRP: $400
This reel has been designed to match
up with the lighter and shorter Spey- and switch-style rods that have become part of the angling landscape. They are extremely well-made and carry a lifetime warranty for the original owner. Reels incorporate a dual-drag system and can be set up for right- or left-hand retrieve.

Silver Horde Ace High Fly Silver_Horde_Ace_High_Fly.jpg
MSRP: $4.99
This lure has proved effective for Chinook salmon when trolled behind a dodger or flasher. The head of the fly creates erratic motion while it is trolled and the Mylar tentacles pulse, creating more attraction. The Mylar reflects UV light, making it even more obvious to salmon on the hunt. The hootchie-style lure comes in a wide range of colors as well as in a smaller version (Junior) and a slimmer needlefish variety. Rig with a double-hook leader with the near hook just behind the Mylar and the trail hook almost touching the front hook. Try leader lengths of 20- to 40 inches.

Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics Pure Skagit Lazar Line OP_Skagit_thumb.jpg
MSRP: $31.95
This is the slickest running line out there. Lazar Line is hydrophobic, extremely durable, consistent over a broad range of temperatures and virtually impervious to memory. It features a slight, calculated stretch that allows for extremely sleek and strong knots. This stuff will rock with your Scandi head as well. Line spools come in 50-meter lengths and 25-, 30-, 35-, 40- and 50-pound tests.

OPST Swing Hooks
MSRP: $4.95 for packs of 9-12 (1/0 through 6)
OPST’s Swing Hooks are designed specifically for fishing swung flies, when a hook that penetrates and holds is essential. This hook has several features to help it hook and hold fish. The kirbed, or offset, bend increases the effective bite of the hook, exposing it to more of the fish’s mouth and the beaked or upturned point acts as a grip in the fish’s mouth, staying put during head shakes. In an effort to minimize damage to fish, these hooks are barbless. The slightly upturned eye works well with trailing braid or wire, and the hook fits snugly into junction tubing and tube flies.

Norvise Fine Point Jaws SystemNorvise.jpg
MSRP: $95 for System with all three arms; $10 for just Support Arms
When tying some patterns it’s crucial to get into the bend of the hook. Now, Norvise has improved the design of its Fine Point Jaw System to include three different support arm lengths. By changing the length of the Jaw Support Arm, the angle of the jaws can be changed from the current 30 degrees to either 15- or 45 degrees, while maintaining perfect centerline rotation. The greater angle improves “access” and the lesser angle improves “spinning.” Now you can really customize your Fine Point Jaws for a specific application. This is standard with all new Fine Point Systems and will also be available to those who already have the Fine Point System.

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