Xtaero XT24DV

Xtaero Boats are known for quality and ruggedness. Xtaero Boats are made to commercial standards that far exceed ABYC or Government Specs using full girders, frames, a breast-hook and fully welded all aluminum self bailing deck.

The hull is a fully hydrodynamically developed surface with modified constant deadrise of twenty degrees that interacts perfectly with dramatic variable width chine flats. The combination is a perfect balance of at-rest stability while drifting in the trough and superior rough-water performance at 30 knots through almost all water conditions. 

Xtaero Boats is a semi-custom builder with 22, 24 and 28 models with many combinations of single or twin power, open or closed cabins, forward or aft leaning windshields and much more.  Each boat is meticulously handmade to order.

Any of the models are also available in mil non-painted finish. In addition to features like an aft steering helm, self-bailing decks and multiple 105 gallon below-deck fish boxes, they come standard with 6'4" head room and a walk-in cabin, a reinforced cabin roof for tying down gear or small dinghy, and trim tabs, various high-end electronic gear as ordered, and the result is a life-long quality build.

Pictured here is a 24 with single Suzuki DF300APX (digital control) and custom work station in the transom. It features a 6'6" wide self bailing deck that is 8'6" long and 32" deep. The self-bailing deck also slopes downward aft with scuppers that drain directly overboard. Nothing gets into the bilge.

At Xtaero Boats you work directly with the builder. Xtaero Boats proves their hulls in the most remote of locations by serving Alaska primarily with multiple happy customers in Kodiak and Homer. In 2017 we hope to advance to more boats in southeast Alaska as well as Bristol Bay, Dutch Harbor and more in Kodiak. Ask them for special packages.



Deal factory direct at:
or call 1-855-915-2628.