Hyde Power Drifter

MSRP: $27,147.95


The Hyde Power Drifter combines the advantages of a power boat and a drift boat. The tunnel allows for a very shallow engine draft so you can navigate shallow water with ease. You can travel upstream and row it back to the boat ramp just as you would a drift boat. The power drifter will accommodate a fuel efficient propeller or jet drive engine. This completely customizable boat has configurations to fit just about any fishing situation.


18-foot centerline 

78-inch beam

54-inch bottom width

Hull weight about 550 pounds

*specifications can be changed to suit your needs

Interior options can range from Yeti Cooler seats, bow storage areas, incorporated anchor nests, stern storage, side storage boxes, recessed rod storage systems, to convenient walk-around aluminum boxes.

Also have the ability to add:

Additional fuel storage

Additional batteries

Protective UHMW bottom

Galvanized Trailers

A variety of motors to choose from

Additional lengths and widths are available.

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