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Category: How-to Articles

Story By Alaska Wildlife Trooper Dan Gunderson Alaska is a worldwide destination for fishing. If you plan on fishing kings on the Kenai River, grayling on the North Slope or trophy halibut in the salt, Alaska is the place. In order to keep these fisheries viable, however, regulations are put in place to allow these resources to […]

  Story by Troy Buzalsky Heavy-gauge all-welded aluminum jet boats have always been near and dear to my heart. It might be because the first ankle-deep riffle I ever ran was achieved in an 18-foo

Story & Photo by Nigel Fox A fish-finder is an instrument used to locate fish underwater by detecting reflected pulses of sound energy. Today’s standards use a graphical display to loc

Products for Bear Defense Story by Melissa Norris As fishermen in Alaska we have the need to carry bear defense in various scenarios. When we are fishing and hiking in the backcountry of our great state, there are any number of modes of transport that we could have used to get there—wheel- or floatplane, boat or ATV. […]

Bear Safety FAQ with Tim Rubbert by Melissa Norris Having hiked extensively in bear country Tim Rubbert has also engrossed himself in bear education. He has written two books, Hiking Safely in Grizzly

Know How to Act in Bear Country by Melissa Norris With the onset of summer-adventure season in the Last Frontier, May is Bear Awareness month at Fish Alaska. Many places throughout the state bring fis

Story & Photos By Troy Buzalsky In the May 2017 issue of Fish Alaska, Troy Buzalsky penned a Boats Column dedicated to helping boating anglers achieve salmon-season success, detailing several techniques to get the job done. Here he continues with some information on the right terminal tackle setups for these techniques, as well as mastering the tides, […]

Story & Photos by Jeremy Anderson Taking care of your boat is a very important part of recreating on the water, keeping you safe, having fun and making your day on the water stress-free.

Guest Editorial and Photos by Dennis Randa Watching a fish flounder before your eyes or watching them bleed out as a result of careless or inadvertently poor handling just isn’t a part of the Alaska

Story & Photos By Mike Lunde INTRUDER Throughout all realms of freshwater and saltwater fly fishing, the Intruder is considered one of the greatest anadromous flies of all time. In the early 1990s, Ed Ward and Scott Howell combined to create the first shank-styled fly. The original Intruder contained a front and rear deer-hair collar […]

Story & Photos by Scott Haugen  Shallow, fast-moving rivers with select pocket-water typify many of Alaska’s king salmon streams. And when it comes to king fishing, the water commonly d

What to consider when buying a saltwater boat in Alaska by Marcus Weiner Saltwater boats for the Alaska angler come in several shapes and many sizes, ranging from the high-end luxury cabin cruiser to an open-air skiff. For many, no matter the choice of model, this is the pinnacle of boat purchases. In Alaska, there […]

A Fish Alaska How-to Story and photo by Scott Haugen Tolerating pink salmon while targeting prized silvers can be a frustrating experience. Here’s how to beat the pinks and land more coho.

Alaska’s Kings and the Two-Handed Rod Story By Troy Letherman Searching for clemency from a winter spent locked away from the stream, many of Alaska’s fly anglers look to kings. The first

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