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Category: Trout Articles

Name: Mike Brown Lodge/Outfitter: Mossy’s Fly Shop Email: Number of years guiding on the Kenai: 25 years The Kenai River was quieter when I started fishing it. While it seems like there was more fish, I think really the heavier pressure of today is the biggest change. Heavier pressure means more fish are caught on average. This makes […]

Story by Nick Ohlrich Photos by Alaska Drift Away Fishing This is going to be a big year. Sure, there is a presidential election in 2016, but more importantly, it’s a pink year on the Kenai.  T

Story & Photos by Jeremy Anderson Midsummer rainbow trout fishing offers more options than any other time of year, providing variety in your fishing as well as the kind of angling challenges that can suck you right in. On a day off I can look at all the factors for the day and make a spontaneous […]

Early-season Rainbows on the Middle Kenai By Nick Ohlrich For trout enthusiasts in Alaska, June 11 is a very important date. For some of us, it may even rival December 25.  June 11 is the da

A “Pay To Fish” Kingdom! Story & Photos by Pudge Kleinkauf I know what you are thinking— that there are no rainbows in Denali because it’s just too cold for them to survive there. Well, that’s what I thought too, until I encountered the rainbow king of Denali. Not only do his rainbows survive, but some of them […]
Story & Photos by G.B. Barnard IV When exploring angling techniques one common-enough principle is to take an idea from one region and apply it to another. Such is the case when comparing Alaska with the famous, blue-ribbon trout locales of the Lower 48, places such as the Big Horn, Big Hole, Beaverhead, Yellowstone or […]
by Mark Glassmaker Springtime in Alaska is marked by longer days and melting snow. It reveals a drab landscape of dead vegetation, void of color, and is without question the least appealing face of Alaska’s distinctive four seasons. But beneath this sullen exterior, a bounty of new growth awakens from its winter slumber. Perhaps nowhere […]

By Dave Kilhefner When fished side by side, jigs with beads will out produce jigs without beads. How do I know this? For the past several years, I’ve tested this theory by fishing side by side

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