Kodiak Fishing: Blockbuster Bottom Fishing

Article by Melissa Norris / Photos by Brian Woobank & Melissa Norris Variety is the spice of life, they say, and I have enjoyed that concept over the years visiting many cool Read More...

Kodiak Fishing: Blockbuster Bottom Fishing2022-02-04T18:31:17-09:00

Lodge & Charter Videos

Alaska fishing lodges and charters vary across our vast state depending on location, target species, budget, and fishing styles. Here are some videos from a few of our favorite fishing lodges and charters Read More...

Lodge & Charter Videos2018-12-28T15:12:55-09:00

Alaska Fishing Lodges: Finding the Perfect Stay

Fish Alaska Magazine's Recommended Alaska Fishing Lodges from the Kenai to Bristol Bay Fish Alaska Magazine has worked with Alaska fishing lodges to provide videos to help find the perfect stay during your Read More...

Alaska Fishing Lodges: Finding the Perfect Stay2020-07-16T16:02:53-08:00
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