Best Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing in Alaska

Costa Del Mar Starfish RXCosta-Del-Mar-Starfish-BlackAmber-Copper.jpg
The nylon frames and new 5-barrel optical hinges add extra sturdiness and durability to a beautiful, iconic look for lady anglers. Our tester tried the amber lenses in prescription strength, and the lens shade helped extend light on overcast days or early or late in the day. 100% UV light blockage means max protection when the sun is high in the sky as well. She loves the way they fit and feel all day and how well the prescription meets her vision needs so she doesn’t have to wear contacts.

Smith Optics Challis with Techlite Polarized Low Light Ignitor LensesSmith-Optics-Challis,-Black-frame-with-Techlite-Polarized-Low-Light-Ignitor-lenses.jpg
Smith’s Techlite Polarized Low Light Ignitor Lenses perform well in the low-light conditions at dawn, dusk, cloudy days and in fall and winter fishing. They provide a whopping 40% variable light transmission, more than double that of any other Smith lens type. The lenses are yellowish in color and provide a high degree of contrast; they are hydrophobic and provide 100% protection from harmful UVA/B/C rays. Techlite is a lightweight scratch-resistant lens material that is much more comfortable to wear than other glass lenses due to the reduced weight. The Challis frames are stylish, light and comfortable. We always wear sunglasses while fishing to protect our eyes so comfort is important and our tester reported that he wore these glasses for periods as long as nine hours with no discomfort.

Native Eyewear Hardtop Ultra XPNative-Eyewear-Hardtop-Ultra-XP.jpg
The Hardtop Ultra XP is an interchangeable lens platform allowing you to change lenses to match current conditions on the water. The ones we tested came with brown lenses and Native’s unique SportFlex lenses. These are great colors for fishing. Brown is our color of choice for most Alaska fishing, while the SportFlex lenses offer 65% variable light transmission—superior performance in low-light conditions. Native lenses are all made of poly-crystal carbonate, which is very resistant to shattering due to impact. They also have hydrophobic and scratch-resistant coatings so they are resistant to damage and they don’t fog up easily. Overall, these polarized sunglasses are a durable, versatile, light and comfortable, fishing eyewear system.

Smith Optics Lowdown XLSmith-Optics-Lowdown-XL.jpg
Wide sunglasses are hard to find, and wide sunglasses that look good are almost non-existent. The Lowdown XL manages both and more. While the largest of the Lowdown styles, these sunglasses look good on a wide range of faces. The Chromapop polarized lenses were our favorite feature. The lens increases clarity and color perception in all light conditions, and the carbonic lenses and megol nose pads provide superior fit and comfort.

Cocoons Sun Wear Polarized UV400 M Black/YellowCocoons-Sun-Wear-Polarized-UV400-M-Black_Yellow.jpg
These fit-over glasses were appreciated when driving, as our tester’s transition prescription lenses do not darken when behind a windshield. They are great to use every day for a variety of outdoor activities. Various sizing options can be selected in order to fit over your prescription glasses. 

Smith Optics Wolcott with ChromaPopSmith-Optics-Walcott-with-Chromapop.jpg
Our female tester appreciated the wide lenses to hold back the glare. These glasses boast a superior color-contrast; they adapt nicely to changing light conditions. They are sturdy and fit well with nice ear and nose grips. They are comfortable, impact-resistant and provide great protection all day long, offering a lifetime warranty as well. 

Native Eyewear Crestone SunglassesNative-Eyewear-Crestone-DesertTort-Brown-Hero.jpg
These polarized sunglasses block infrared light and provide UV protection through their N3 lenses. They are light and comfortable and built tough to handle the rigors faced in Alaska’s bush. The performance-fit frames accept interchangeable lenses.