March 2010 |  Annual Fishing Gear Awards issue

March 2010Departments

Editor Creel 8

Alaska Traveler 12

Fishing for a Compliment 16

Tackle Tech 22

Salmon Sense 26

Fish Alaska Boats 30

Fish Alaska Recipe 108

Advertiser Index 110

Final Drift 114  


Fish Alaska All-Tackle: End of the Line

byScott Haugen 

Bank fishing requires some specialized terminal gear. Scott Haugen has it down to a science. Here he shares his expertise and shows you the best gear and techniques that you can take to the bank.

Travel Rods 

by Doug Wilson 

An amazing piece of engineering telescoping from 18 inches to a full-size fishing rod, these wonders pack in your carry-on with little trouble and can go almost anywhere and catch anything a big rod can. Doug Wilson loves these little rods with the big bite and here he tells you why.

New Gear 2010 

Wowza! Fish Alaska magazine has scoured the fishing gear world and found the hottest, newest, boldest gear to be released for 2010. Jump into this pool of gotta have gear and you’ll find that perfect top, jacket, boot, fly, lure, rod, reel, line, appliance, boat, tool and more for fishing the Great Land.

Editor’s Choice Awards 

It was gruelling, hard work, but someone had to test all the gear! Hours and hours of endless fishing. But the expert Fish Alaska editors and staff were up to the task. Here are the results’ the very best gear of 2009. 

COVER/ Wayne, Troy and Marcus on a gear mission. © Dusan Smetana