Icy Fishing Derby

It’s derby time again! Get ready for the 19th annual 2016 Soldotna Trustworthy Ice Fishing Derby. We’ve got lots of ice, it’s been a cold one, and it looks good just about any where you want to go on the peninsula. We are looking forward to some more record breakers this year! Each year we see a huge variety of fish entered and some of the heaviest in a couple of categories. Thanks to all the contestants who return year after year, really putting in some time to get out there to find that big one. So come on in to the store and sign up and then get your family out there to catch YOUR big one!  

We will once again have an incredible amount of prizes for this years derby. Our vendors have stepped up as sponsors and provided thousands of $$$ in prizes and sponsorships.

Some of the grand and first place prizes include an Eskimo power auger and Quickfish II ice shelter. Aqau View has provided an under water camera. And of course we will have hundreds of rods reels and other exciting prizes.

Remember to get the kids out fishing too. We will be giving out fishing bags to the children under 12 as they sign. Every child gets a prize from the prize box or a trusty buck every time they weigh in a fish. This will be sponsored in part by Berkley, Eagle Claw, and Gamakatsu. We will also have the 16th Annual Kids derby which mimics the open derby but the prizes are oriented towards the little ones.

Leaders have been known to change several times in a single day and then followed by a week of few if any changes at all. Then another flurry of shuffling the leader board until the final gun goes off on February 28th. This year’s prize list is as extensive as any of the others and still hasn’t been completely finalized yet. And as always the derby is free to anyone wishing to enter and participate. There are a number of RULES which must be adhered to for qualifying catches. Make sure you check out all those details on the rules page.

2016 Ice Fishing Derby Results

Adult Division Standing 1st place open Division
Rainbow – Brian Powell 5.72
Dolly Varden – Colton Rankin 3.79
Salmon – Kim Powell 1.96
Lake Trout – Jimmie Miller 10.79
N. Pike – Tom Anthony 4.11
Burbot – Jeremy Mann .95
White Fish
Grayling – Mike Riddle .71 

Biggest Fish
Jimmie Miller 10.79

Womens Divison
Lake Trout – Elaina Sedivy 5.78
Lake Trout – Jan Voight 3.82
Pike – Sierra Baldwin 3.73

Weekly Winners
Week 1: Jan Voight ( Lake Trout) 3.82
Week 2: Larry Walls (Lake Trout) 6.39
Week 3: Jimmie Miller (Lake Trout) 10.79
Week 4: Brian Powell (Rainbow) 5.72

Flush Division
Straight: Jimmy Miller
Pike Total WT: Cayden Copenhaver 37.91

Kids Division 
1st Place Kids Division
Rainbow – Maddy Triana 3.31
Dolly Varden – Nicholas McConnel 2.21
Salmon – Ryan Ward .97
Lake Trout – Anaulie Sedivy
N. Pike – Chase Copenhaver 3.41
Grayling – Ezekiel Miller .63

Kids Top Ten Age 7-12
1. Anaulie Sedivy 7.38
2. Scott Michael 5.77
3. Tyler Hoagland 4.55
4. Maddy Triana 3.31
5. Shade Christin 2.70
6. Cayden Copenhaver 2.61
7.Ezekiel Miller 2.55
8. Kyle C & Avery P 2.51
9. Kaytee Hackett 2.40
10. Aida Malloy 1.50 

Minnow Divison 6 and under
1. Chase Copenhaver 3.41
2. Blake Knisley 2.67
3. Drake Anthony 2.60
4. Owen Knisley 2.30
5. Jaxson Sagoonick 2.0
6. Natalie Voight 1.91
7. Nathan Powell 1.87
8. Shane Brewer 1.79
9. Brook Anthony 1.77
10. Aida Malloy 1.50