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Sockeye Salmon Until one actually hooks their first sockeye salmon, it is hard to imagine such strength and speed is possible from such a compact fish. Likewise, it is unlikely that anyone can imagine how delicious these fish are until they sample that deep, firm flesh. These two factors, combined with their abundant numbers, liberal […]

King Salmon The name alone commands respect: King! But call it Chinook, tyee, blackmouth or any other, there is no doubt that it is the biggest and baddest of all salmon! And at the top of this list i

Story by Marcus Weiner “I left at about noon for some trolling at one of my hotspots; had one on but never did see it,” writes Captain Jeff Peterson in his May 11, 2011, fishing report. “I put a

10 Hot Adventures for Fall By Troy Letherman With the sore-armed, sleep-deprived height of summer slipping into sinking-line and salmon-fly memory, it’s not unreasonable to assume a generally pouty demeanor. However, while I enjoy the thrill of targeting bruiser kings, battling acrobatic sockeye and—for sure—the opportunity to toss some dries at the occasionally rising trout, for […]

Article by Jody Ellis-Knapp A fishing vacation in Alaska is every angler’s dream. Rushing rivers, leaping salmon and clear mountain air are just a few of the things one might envision. But there is

Angling in the Big City Story and Photos by Scott Haugen As our plane descended into Anchorage, a buddy turned and asked about the fishing opportunities in the city.  “I have a nine-hour layover an

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