Back Trolling Setups for Alaska Salmon Fishing

Blog Post by Jeremy Anderson When I think of back trolling for salmon on the Kenai or Kasilof River I think of a relaxing day interrupted by organized chaos in the boat. Telling Read More...

Back Trolling Setups for Alaska Salmon Fishing2018-05-07T12:12:26-08:00

Grayling Paradise in Southwest Alaska

  Blog Post by Peter Goodwin Few places rival the spectacular fishing on offer in southwest Alaska. Most of the anglers who travel here focus on the largest salmon run in the world Read More...

Grayling Paradise in Southwest Alaska2018-03-15T14:32:24-08:00

CAST and BLASTs Across Alaska

Cast-and-blast is the generic term for fishing and hunting in the same trip. This blog will highlight several such opportunities across the state. Elfin Cove: Extreme Cast and Blast Salmon shark, or Lamna ditropis, Read More...

CAST and BLASTs Across Alaska2017-10-08T10:10:59-08:00

The Care and Feeding of Your Fishing Guide

At my age there are really only three reasons to get up at 3:00 A.M., and two of them are not voluntary:  to go to the bathroom, to check out the noises in Read More...

The Care and Feeding of Your Fishing Guide2017-10-09T09:23:54-08:00

How to Order Custom Made Waders Online

Are you big and tall? Short and small? Oddly sized or uniquely shaped? I bet you have had a hard time finding chest waders that fit correctly, right? Several years ago, you could Read More...

How to Order Custom Made Waders Online2017-10-08T14:23:05-08:00

Fishing in Fairbanks

Visit Fairbanks, Alaska; the area is perfect for the road-system angler, with plenty of highway and gravel-road access to fisheries and several beautiful campgrounds. More Fairbanks: Overview Articles Fish Species Businesses Fish Stocking Read More...

Fishing in Fairbanks2019-01-08T09:04:57-09:00

Anchorage Angling

Article by Jody Ellis-Knapp A fishing vacation in Alaska is every angler’s dream. Rushing rivers, leaping salmon and clear mountain air are just a few of the things one might envision. But there Read More...

Anchorage Angling2018-11-29T09:19:12-09:00

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