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Blog Post by Jeremy Anderson When I think of back trolling for salmon on the Kenai or Kasilof River I think of a relaxing day interrupted by organized chaos in the boat. Telling stories, joking around, and having a good old time. Whether you are the kind of person who stares at your rod all […]

Cast-and-blast is the generic term for fishing and hunting in the same trip. This blog will highlight several such opportunities across the state. Elfin Cove: Extreme Cast and Blast Salmon shark, or&n

At my age there are really only three reasons to get up at 3:00 A.M., and two of them are not voluntary:  to go to the bathroom, to check out the noises in the basement, and to go fishing.When I drag my butt out of bed at that hour of the morning, I have high […]

Visit Fairbanks, Alaska; the area is perfect for the road-system angler, with plenty of highway and gravel-road access to fisheries and several beautiful campgrounds. More Fairbanks: Overview Articles

Article by Jody Ellis-Knapp A fishing vacation in Alaska is every angler’s dream. Rushing rivers, leaping salmon and clear mountain air are just a few of the things one might envision. But there is another side to fishing vacations in Alaska—chiggers and mosquitoes that are big enough to carry you away. Smoke-filled campsites and freezing […]
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